A good and scholar student must be always resilient ready in whatever circumstances he may face. As the common saying “Health is wealth” is a very convincing and accurate words for being a scholar. Good health keeps every scholar a complete feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and their intellectual well-being. A good health keeps us away from any health sickness and disorders. Last June 25, 2018, The SplitEx team went to Taytay Municipal Hall by the help of Sir. Jerome Bernal, at 9am in the morning had the opportunity to witness the thousands of scholars Taytay government has. In just two hours the team sell a lot of Taytay Student Health Card because of the
attractive insurance benefits it has, plus the affordable price they can invest for their lives. In such an exhausting life and contaminated
environment as a Scholar, it is very hard for everyone to maintain a good health and live a healthy life. It demands a careful watch and a medical check-up to get healthy. Thus, SplitEx was there to assist every Scholars by the support of medical assistance, so, if there is something happened to them while they’re at school they have a reliable assistance to lean on. SplitEx is building a resilient community of students globally.

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